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The Dungeon Era [4 Album Set]


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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    All 4 of the official Dungeon albums ("Resurrection," "A Rise To Power," "One Step Beyond" and "The Final Chapter") plus rare, unreleased Dungeon songs (some pre-dating even the "Changing Moods" demo EP release) as bonus tracks, recorded by the 2014 LORD lineup (with some elements taken from the original Dungeon recording sessions) over 4 CDs

    An "Access All Areas" style pass that flips out to become a USB key, which contains:

    All 4 re-recorded albums in both MP3 and better than CD quality 24-bit HD Audio

    The origninal, unaltered Dungeon performances of "Resurrection" (1999 release), "A Rise To Power" and "One Step Beyond," entirely remixed and remastered with current techniques and presented in both MP3 and 24-bit HD Audio

    The "Changing Moods" demo EP digitally remastered and presented in 24-bit HD Audio

    Literally hundreds of pages of the most complete, in-depth Dungeon bio, history and memoirs, liner notes and lyrics, with dozens of rare photos and artwork

    Limited to 500 hand-numbered units worldwide

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A memory of a time When we were proud to live our dreams There'll be no compromise Standing tall, we will be supreme PRE-CHORUS: No-one could crush our will to be This time we're gonna make them see... CHORUS: The resurrection time is now Forever we survive Back from the grave to take control Forever... The resurrection time is now Returning from the fire We have the strength, we have the power Forever we survive... They tried to tear us down Rape our hearts and steal our dreams This time we won't hold back Glory bound, we claim our victory... REPEAT PRE-CHORUS and CHORUS BRIDGE: Standing tall and standing proud The beast inside is breaking out... SOLO: LT / Mark REPEAT CHORUS
I felt so weak, all hope was gone My skin blistered slowly away Gangrene and Smallpox - no life left inside of me The pain that I felt was unreal... PRE-CHORUS: I make my last stand as success comes my way My bones gain their strength, nothing stands in my way The final encounter decides who will win Desire to live will survive... CHORUS: Running away to paradise - victory in my sights Running away to paradise - the gods are on my side My body aching - scarred, torn and wretched Forced to go on through the pain Was it will that revived me, brought life back inside of me With blood flowing fast though my veins... REPEAT PRE-CHORUS and CHORUS SOLO: LT REPEAT CHORUS x 2 SOLO: LT
Take a look at yourself What you see isn't real It's just a part of your imagination I see you standing here in front of me, yeah I hear you talking yet you should not be there PRE-CHORUS: Just an image from my mind A dark memory Stalking close and never letting me be I push you back, close the blind, lock you away Drive out the pain and all the misery... CHORUS: No way out - trapped in your world of make-believe Lost in the dark, can't find my way Your grip is tightening on me... No point in fighting you now You keep on breaking the rules I make the play but you just turn it upside down These games you play, you know they're killing me Haunting my dreams and never letting me sleep REPEAT PRE-CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT BRIDGE: What keeps you safe in your home Your locked and bolted door Who knows your dark fear of night Your TV screen can't keep you warm... REPEAT CHORUS / AD-LIB TO END
On every corner there's a preacher In every city there's a prayer And as they crucify each other I contemplate the open air... yeah... CHORUS: Wake up x4 And every man becomes a saviour So in the name peace condemn It's funny how the big solution Just brings the greatest sinners in... yeah... REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE: Righteous to the end As they rape your children And like children we obey... SOLO: LT A holy war on the horizon Same old excuses still at hand They say he made us in his likeness I say we shaped him like a man... REPEAT CHORUS / AD-LIB TO END
You - you promised us hope You gave us a dream You promised us lies Now you - you've taken it all You've taken our lives And thrown them away CHORUS: Fight - fight for your lives Fight - fight to be free, yeah Death to them all, the liars and cheats Fight - to kill them all... They - they think that they're right They think they're supreme They're too blind to see Now we - we rise to the call Stand 'til we fall Broken and weak... REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT REPEAT CHORUS x2
Suffer my child, bleed for me now Cleanse your soul, set your spirit free Fly for me or the devil take your soul Burn for me, you will believe PRE-CHORUS: Rituals turning in my head My senses dulled, I'm burning... CHORUS: I see my life before my eyes There's nothing there I can deny What have I done in my time Screaming out before I die... Rescue me - somebody save me Demons in my mind driving me insane Darkness all around taking blood from me Searing heat burning, peeling my skin REPEAT PRE-CHORUS and CHORUS SOLO: LT REPEAT PRE-CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS x 2 One more chance, one more life There's still time to see the light (REPEAT)
So here we're stading now So many years passed Old words just like the stars So much still left unsaid Yet we know there's nothing more to say The chapter is closing now Stand at the crossroads It's time to find a way And as the sun goes down We're walking away CHORUS: Severing ties, severing ties It's come to the time to say goodbye When it's time to leave, it's time to go When it's time you'll know It's time to say your last goodbyes... So thanks for the memories Locked up tight And carried deep within And maybe cross paths one day And new ties begin REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT REPEAT CHORUS
Death - the anti-hero, champion of the doomed I'll be there to end your life, to take you to your tomb I will seal your fate, before me you'll decay There's no escape, your soul is gone - I'll steal your life away PRE-CHORUS: I'll end your suffering, I'll end your pain When you take your final breath - then you'll know my name... CHORUS: I am death (death - death - death) x 4 I live within the hungry children on the streets I'm the disease that kills you while you sleep I am the needle that's in the junkie's arm I am the tormentor - the storm before the calm REPEAT PRE-CHORUS and CHORUS SOLO: LT / Mark They call me the reaper - I am the man in black When you give your life to me, there is no turning back You will know the end is near - you'll see my toothy grin Now you leave this life of hell, but another one begins... REPEAT PRE-CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS x 2
SOLO: LT These games that you're playing have gone on for far too long Ulterior motives and hidden agendas and lies Transparent like glass, I saw through you right from the start It's the end of the line, now it's time - judgment day... CHORUS: You can't run or hide - you know that I'll find you Oh, it's now your time - you've reached your judgment day... So blatantly clear, are you stupid or are you insane? A blind man could see your deceit, but still you try - why? Feeding your ego - I tell you that you're not that good Pull in your head now, my friend, or I'll take you down... REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: Mark REPEAT 1st VERSE and CHORUS x2
Oh - the armies of darkness are coming to poison the lands Takhisis, the queen of the night has risen again Five-headed dragon returned from the land of the dead To enslave us all Oh - may Paladine smile upon us as we go to war Like ancient Solamnic Knights have battled before Defenders of light, sworn to fight for us all To save the world PRE-CHORUS: Silver and gold - the dragons of light Pushing the darkness aside The Measure and Code - the law of the knights Echoing in my mind... CHORUS: My honour - is my life My honour - will survive (REPEAT) Oh - as I look deep into the elf-maiden's eyes Gwyneth, my love, don't you mourn for me if I die Your memory will pass with me into the next life You’ll always be part of me Now - as I ride through the sky, a dragon of silver below The dragon is one with Gwyneth, but how could I've known? I focus my mind, remember the Solamnic Oath As we reach the queen... REPEAT PRE-CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT Flames were all around, they heard the victory cry Ansalon was spared, but they knew they'd reached their time With their final breath, her secret was set free 'Huma, I'm one with you - you're one with me...' Now as you look into the sky, there's two new shining stars The legend handed down from son to son, sung by bards The dragon and the ancient knight did defeat the evil queen They went to their deaths together with a love that could never be... REPEAT CHORUS x 2
I've walked through the lonely places I've seen years of hurt in their eyes And passing the empty faces The story told so many times Now it's time to fight Together we unite - Tonight, we shall arise! Their spirit lay crushed before them All hope gone before it began A new cause, behold the savior The chosen, a leader of men Now it's time to fight Together we unite From out of the darkness and leading us on in... CHORUS 1: A rise to power, the world is in our hands Marching on, we fight as one A rise to power, we spread throughout the lands Cast aside the fallen ones The armies of the light, we shall arise! SOLO: LT I am the chosen one The hand of God upon the world Oppose my word and you'll all be destroyed As time marches on eternal Growing in strength, my word is feared Don't pray to your gods - you now pray to me! Heed my words and save your soul... SOLO: LT CHORUS 2: A rise to power, the world is in my hands A sign from God, I'm the the chosen one A rise to power, we spread throughout the lands Cast aside the fallen ones The armies show my might, we shall arise! Marching on and on, to my eyes I do no wrong Blinded to the truth - I'm just a man Believing my own words, distort the world with lies Into madness I descend - forevermore... SOLO: LT CHORUS 3: A rise to power, the world was in my hands Cast aside - the fallen one The final hour - into madness I descend A final curse, though tonight I burn My spirit will survive, I shall arise!
SOLO: LT A shadow falls upon the night A freezing cold and fear - my herald call A noble man once long ago Now evil burns within my soul The power is mine, no one I fear When life or death is my command I'd trade it all to turn back time... I was once a mortal man Saw jealousy arise - my pride and fall I do not live, I cannot die I'm cursed to walk these streets alone Eternal life but not alive The Banshees cry my tragic tale Every morning with the dawn... CHORUS: Blackened heart, blackened soul, netherlife All I am, all I feel, all I see Black roses die... SOLO: LT From the night I betrayed my world And myself I still feel the flames Burned - scarred What is left of me? What remains? Cursed - scorned My foolish pride! Eternal life, eternal death - I paid the price... SOLO: LT REPEAT CHORUS
United we stand All intention is clear Enraged by injustice No longer blinded by fear BRIDGE 1: Young blood within us Tired of wasting time We will crush you - all! (DIE!) Never doubting Always in control Believing in something We've never known at all BRIDGE 2: Young blood within us Strength born of fire We will rise up - high! CHORUS: Insanity's fall - divided and torn In glory or death we will rise Fire in our eyes, in cold frost of night Our guide into darkness will die... Hardened by anger Our salvation draws near My heart, my soul My life - my own BRIDGE 3: Too late - I know I see the forces rising Before the lines I pray The future will be... REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT REPEAT CHORUS
SOLO: LT Making the play, the future is mine Seizing the day, walking the line Here I stand, just a man with his life in his hands With tooth and nail and hand over fist I climb on and on... PRE-CHORUS 1: A dream of a life far from here I know one day I'll find... CHORUS: A better way A brighter day The perfect life Is on the other side A chance for me To live the dream The grass is green On the other side... Reaching the top and I wonder, is this all there is? All those years that I walked the line Played the role, took it's toll on this goldfish bowl I call life From every direction a voice - don't know which way to turn... PRE-CHORUS 2: I search for a life far from here The one I left behind... REPEAT CHORUS SOLOs: LT BRIDGE: Another headline, another fallen star Are we better off where we are? REPEAT CHORUS x2
Oh - Thunder roars, the sky above is black Lightning cracks the sky Oh - Horizontal rain that drives us back But still we've got to try... CHORUS: Stormchaser (x4) Oh - Electronic sensors watch the sky Chaos all around Oh - Fujita scale left somewhere far behind We face a monster on the ground... REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT REPEAT CHORUS x2
I've heard about the secret voices Claiming to be heard Their souls were lost in madness Never to return Reaching out from within the circle Dictating all our lives No feelings felt, all questions answered Too easy we deny PRE-CHORUS: Can't leave this realm behind Or all I am inside me dies Defending the innocents' every life... CHORUS 1: Lost - in this nightmare, a world full of fear Where madness hides Lost - in the shadows when darkness falls I'm lost inside my mind... Sunrise holds no guarantees Foreclosure or relief The system failed, the silence broken Crushed beyond belief REPEAT PRE-CHORUS CHORUS 2: Lost - in this nightmare, a world full of fear Where madness hides Lost - in the shadows when darkness falls Inside my mind Blind - in the twilight that comes for us all In the dead of night Lost - when there's nowhere left to run I'm lost inside my mind... SOLO: LT BRIDGE: Is this real or is this a dream? Can't leave this world behind me now Again I pray for the dawn... REPEAT CHORUS 2
A plastic life inside a plastic world No longer feel the fire So sanitised, integrity's demise It's evil in disguise... We blindly trust our guiding light Following misguided dreams What have we done? We've gone too far... Unwise to the world, we're told what to see Force-fed a life so sugary sweet Never questioning the world around us Never dared to look inside... CHORUS: We are lost in the light Inner darkness that betrays the night Is this the world we wanted? Somehow we've lost our way... We've lost our way... SOLOs: LT Censored thoughts, so far removed from life Everything we see on TV, the music we hear, the games we play Twisted and diluted to "protect us" Is it any wonder our children are looking elsewhere for the truth? Feeling the anger rise when they learn it's all been lies... BASS SOLO: Dakk SOLOs: LT Deprived of the truth, we're told what to feel Accepting their words, a world beyond real What once began with the best intentions Somehow ended up as lies... REPEAT CHORUS OUTRO VOCALS + SOLO: LT
I can't believe what I can see A human? An alien? Something in between? Strapped down screams, a white room red Ripping flesh, her final breath Chaos, fear, transfixed in place Emerging form now taking shape Trapped inside this deadly space Death is here... Is this a force of nature? Can I relate to it, for... I need your mind to guide me I need your strength inside me How could I be so blind? Fear is sending me blind I can't breathe inside An infant's mind but so much more Is reaching out to all Horror, hatred, deep in shock All thoughts are known to me Can't comprehend what I've done wrong Death I fear... This is no force of nature I can relate to it, for... I want your mind to guide me I want your strength inside me How can fear be kind? SOLOs: LT BRIDGE: Join with me and you will see the key to human destiny Release the pain and suffering, transforming bland society Evolving form, evolving mind, I'll show you what you're meant to be Beyond the realm of stagnant life, I offer you infinity! Dripping blood the only sound Silent stares from all around Rising up the creature smiles Its purpose realised Reach within unknowing minds Steal knowledge, strength, all life it finds The final human chapter told Now death is here! There is contempt of nature There's no relation here, 'cos... I have your mind to guide me And I have your strength inside me Traumatised... I have your minds inside me Leaving human life behind me You're traumatised....
Look within for a place deep inside me Where I can believe Seek the truth my own master, my own king Where my spirit is free Seeking gold and the treasure external Fight within for the chance to grow See the real man within, he's eternal Deep inside we all know We all search for the mysteries of Eden I now know what's inside - there's no turning back... CHORUS: Every man has a kingdom inside him Will he ever see What is here in the now is the reason Find the path for his soul to be free Deep inside is the key... Pushing on with the strength of conviction Now within there's a fire inside Find the answer without contradiction My soul free to fly If we look to the power within us Look inside, there is no turning back... REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: Mark / LT REPEAT CHORUS x2
A bad place, a dark space The lines that weather my face I stand alone before the storm Walk with me and you'll see The flame that burns within me A fire so cold to keep us so warm You see the darkness in my eyes The seed of life inside me dies A search for the truth, to find a reason why A voice cries out in pain in the night... CHORUS: Riding the storm wind And facing the demons inside A thousand sins behind my eyes A cry from the blackness Alone with the darkness inside Forever will I walk against the wind... No rhyme and no reason My world betrayed by treason I stumble blind, what's going on? Can't see the road that lies beyond A need to feel where I belong When everywhere I turn seems to guide me wrong Running through the night for so long... REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT REPEAT CHORUS x2
Young man he walks alone The power unto his own The ancient arts under command Stand fast, don't run away What was learned is now to betray I'll fight you, I'll kill you You've nowhere left to run Your life within my power Immortal forever The boy is now a man His family honour now betrayed His vengeance burning deep within Stand fast, won't run away What was learned is now to betray I'll fight you, I'll kill you You've nowhere left to run Your life within my power Immortal forever CHORUS: It was developed in the art of war My blood and spirit made of iron fury Through blood and battle scarred The warrior now foretold His spirit rises to the sky More than a mortal man Crush all that dare to face me I'll fight you, I'll kill you You've nowhere left to run Your life within my power Immortal forever REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT Passed on unto the son The power of the fallen one The ancient arts reborn forever Stand fast, don't run away The art of war shall rise again I'll fight you, I'll kill you You've nowhere left to run Your life within my power Immortal forever REPEAT CHORUS
Eyes of a child Watch as the world goes by Yet to be torn away From innocent times As time goes by We're soon taught to realise Our dreams are but dust in the wind And innocence dies Over and over We're thrown to the ground But over and over We're clawing our way back to daylight again CHORUS 1: Remember the hunger that burns inside Remember the fire within Take hold of your dreams with both hands And don't let go again... Sand through our hands Time seems to slip away Harder to keep the faith And face a new day Over and over We fall to our knees But over and over We know in our hearts that we'll climb to our feet CHORUS 2: Remember the hunger that burns inside (hunger burns like) Remember the fire within (fire within) Take hold of your dreams with both hands (hold your dreams and) And don't let go (don't let go) Search for the strength that beats in your heart (strength inside your) And search for the hunger inside (heart and hunger) Remember the dreams of a child (dreams within a child) And oh, don't let go again... (don't let go) SOLOs: LT Over and over We're thrown to the ground But over and over We know in our hearts that these dreams never end REPEAT CHORUS 2
Oh, we all live by the lie As children we comply Dark feelings we deny You see it in my eyes And feel the anger rise From deep inside CHORUS: Beneath the surface tension The waves start to break And face the truth that lies within You're screaming... Anger builds inside of me See the world as it should be Lived a life of agony Breaking point, we can't control the rage... Oh, we face another day And try hard to restrain The fire beneath our skin Resign yourself to fate Release yourself from pain Before it's too late REPEAT CHORUS Day after day, year after year Not a thing changes in my mundane life Every morning I tighten the noose around my neck And try to fit in with society Face after face, line after line It's an endless stream of morons One day I'll make them pay One day soon I feel I'm just about to BREAK! SOLO: Mark / LT REPEAT CHORUS
I, King of the sea A galleon ship, the waves of torment and destiny A thousand winds bear our gust, my eyes are blinded by hate With the hammer of war and evil onboard At the edge of hell we await A pauper's son, a god reborn My name is death's last kiss The iron cross of Usthanates From the secrets of the deep CHORUS: There's an evil force inside of me Will it end, I do not know Unholy force that lives inside my dreams To the gates of hell we roar Down below... Blood and battle-scarred, the sea my domain None shall pass the Maybelle alive Victims forty score, my sails filled from hell Victims of the seven seas... REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT REPEAT CHORUS
Walked the world today Passed the lines of clouded eyes Go to church and pray Social farce, no God inside Open your eyes You'll realise In this sea of senseless lies You live your life... Politicians say All the 'truths' we need to hear Blindly following Is it faith or is it fear? Open your mind Soon you'll find In a world of compromise You see the light... CHORUS: I've gone... One step beyond the truth One step beyond the lie One step beyond the pain One step beyond... I see a new day's morning Arise to face the dawn One step beyond the dark One step beyond the light One step beyond the fear One step beyond... I see a new day dawning We rise to heed the warning call... SOLOs: LT Open your eyes You'll realise In this sea of senseless lies You live your life... REPEAT CHORUS
A quest for a wealth untold Reaping the fields of gold A chance to live as a king for every man Corruption within the state Political disarray No freedom or justice for all in the land Oh... Our rights denied Oh... Prepare now to fight So, we swear allegiance, a rebellion to come A new flag is raised toward the sun... CHORUS: As we stand below the Southern Cross Brothers united as one Stand together - a united force We will all overcome... Renewed by the strength within The oath sworn the wait begins In grim resolve for what lies ahead At dawn a surprise attack Authorities striking back The fields of gold now stained with seas of red Oh... Our people may die No... They can't take our pride Oh, we swore allegiance, a rebellion was won A new flag still raised toward the sun... REPEAT CHORUS Though we fought with our honour and pride We're outnumbered a hundred to one Defeated, but history showed We have truly won.. SOLO: LT WE SWEAR BY THE SOUTHERN CROSS TO STAND TRULY BY EACH OTHER, AND FIGHT TO DEFEND OUR RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES. REPEAT CHORUS x2
Cast from the social circle Scorned upper echelon Cursed and betrayed, condemned to walk alone Denied of social justice Saw freedom was a crime Belie respect so watch us walk away One step beyond the mainstream Discover who we are And compromise their perfect world so small Instinctive sense of freedom Destroy their comfort zone A victim of the times we'll never be PRE-CHORUS: If you see through our eyes At a world full of lies Born to be free And forever we'll be Pariah... Tear down archaic values Forge future paths of steel Deny their mediocre way of life False strength that's born of numbers No match for strength within Integrity shall savour victory REPEAT PRE-CHORUS Pariah... CHORUS: Acceptance is unknown Condemned to walk alone Outcast and untouchable Forever free to roam Pariah... SOLOs: LT REPEAT CHORUS x2 Pariah...
Deceiver - ill will you deny Betrayer of trust you defile False logic, the truth you defy Of heart icy cold, turned to black Razor-wire words of attack With thrust of the blade to my back PRE-CHORUS 1: And watching your fables unfold In time truth be told CHORUS: I will always be the better man I will always be the best man that I can So come on twist the knife, my friend But I'll still be here at the end And soon you'll see you've lost it all... So now, transparent - I see through your lies Facade torn, betrayed, no surprise Remaining respect cast aside As plain as the day now it's clear Playing the game, insincere Caught up in your own web of tears PRE-CHORUS 2: And watch as your crocodile smile Is betrayed by your eyes REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: Mav REPEAT CHORUS x 2
In the northern lands of Thebes Under a heartless sun Three hundred lifetimes ago Here it lay, the Pharaoh's kingdom Horizon of the Aten So lived a child who would be king PRE-CHORUS 1: And so he lived and so he died A tomb than no man shall defile Forever lost are the fools who dare defy CHORUS: (The curse of the Pharaohs) Inside the Pharaohs tomb the wealth of ages A curse befallen those who seek the king (The curse of the Pharaohs) The lights of Cairo died with those who gave their lives To the shifting sands of time Came a man in search of glory In the Valley Of The Kings Unlocked a curse that doomed them all PRE-CHORUS 2: And so he lived and so he died And all who conspired paid the price Death will come swiftly to those who dared defy REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT REPEAT CHORUS x2
In a wasteland In a world led astray Left high and dry And a million miles from home Our inception So far away But tomorrow lies Along this lonely road PRE-CHORUS 1: And with a new day dawning Searching for our guiding light We shed our skin and just keep walking And ride until the night CHORUS: And we journey on and on Wheels turning, we've only just begun In time's fire we burn As the candle dies, our future lies beyond On and on... In this story We re-write book of life The pages turn And time just slips away On our journey Transcend amorphous lands We've come so far Yet so much more to go PRE-CHORUS 2: And as we reach for glory Old chapters fade away So turn the page and tell the story And live another day REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT REPEAT CHORUS x 2
So southern sons Swallow propaganda And set sail to leave our shores So far away, a distant war No voice to say No word opposed The orders handed down from feckless hands All condemned to die in foreign lands PRE-CHORUS: Eight thousand men to lose their lives Honour 'til death, the ANZAC pride CHORUS: Orders taught, we storm the Dardanelles A futile task, all men condemned to hell A legend born there as our children fell ANZACS stand taller than all Nowhere to hide The raining fire of guns Now turn the sapphire waters red Survivors few and far between the dead So the time has come To scale the walls And run the deadly gauntlet - No Man's Land The time to stand or fall is now at hand REPEAT PRE-CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT / Mav / LT REPEAT CHORUS x2
There's an empty feeling deep inside Forever yearning, never seem to find a way And sometimes I need to run and hide And leave the darkness cast astray PRE-CHORUS 1: Try to tell myself I'm still holding on To all the dreams inside, though they never seemed quite real Now pain has clouded distant memories Salted wounds that just won't heal CHORUS: Life is a lie - everything I thought I knew is gone Hard to face another day Life is a lie - all I ever wanted was the truth... And in knowledge some may find their peace But sometimes wisdom can turn upon its own Find a truth that some should never see A fool's reward, and better left unknown PRE-CHORUS 2: Tried to tell myself I'm still holding on To all the dreams despite I know they're just not real Nothing left for me but memories Nothing left for me to feel REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: LT REPEAT PRE-CHORUS 2 REPEAT CHORUS Life is a lie...
Turning our back on society's treason Kicked in the face, your rules - we don't need 'em We do what we want And say what we like Never held back Remain unchained... UNCHAINED! PRE-CHORUS: Think you're taking us down? Well, I've got something to say CHORUS: Won't beg and we won't break Your way we'll never take We're the masters of our fate We were born with a steelheart You follow the blind, don't question the reason Open your mind - it will lead to your freedom We'll be what we want And say what we please Never held back Forever we're unchained... UNCHAINED! REPEAT PRE-CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS SOLO: Mav / LT REPEAT CHORUS x 2
Born in a barren desert Walked on the burning sands Said don't look back and so we ran And as our moods were changing Journey to distant lands The demolition time began PRE-CHORUS 1: Oh, a destiny of power Invincible, forever we survive CHORUS 1: Climbing up the mountain And we're reaching for the sky Feeling the hunger burn, it's do or die Go one step beyond To try and reach the other side On the horizons edge The final chapter will arise And as we ride the stormwind Deny there's no way out The resurrection time is now And in our rise to power Higher we dare to go One step beyond the land we know PRE-CHORUS 2: Oh, and some of us may falter But nothing can destroy our will inside CHORUS 2: Climbing up the mountain And we're reaching for the sky Feeling the hunger and it's do or die Go one step beyond To try and reach the other side On the horizons edge The final chapter is in sight SOLO: LT There's no turning back As we travel on And the lessons learned There's no fairy tales Oh no.... SOLO: LT CHORUS 3: Standing on the mountain And we're reaching for the sky Just beyond our reach, we wonder why See the world so clearly now We've reached the other side The future clear at last The final chapter has arrived CHORUS 4: Diving from the mountain And we're falling through the sky Finding a greater truth, another life Like a phoenix rising up In flames it's time to die All past is laid to rest The final chapter realised


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This box set contains all 4 of the official Dungeon albums ("Resurrection," "A Rise To Power," "One Step Beyond" and "The Final Chapter") plus rare, unreleased Dungeon songs (some pre-dating even the "Changing Moods" demo EP release) as bonus tracks, recorded by the 2014 LORD lineup (with some elements taken from the original Dungeon recording sessions) over 4 CDs

This download includes a 7-part 200+ page complete band history / bio / lyrics / liner notes.


released August 1, 2014


all rights reserved



LORD Australia

LORD is one of Australia’s highest profile heavy melodic bands, touring both nationally and internationally with artists such as Queensryche, Iced Earth, Nightwish, Saxon, Helloween, Gamma Ray, former Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Dianno and many more, as well as their own headlining tours and international festival appearances. ... more

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